Legal disclaimer

Updated on Thursday 29th of October 2015.

This is the legal disclaimer document that applies to the service. In order to use our services, you must approve this document.

This document defines the end-user responsibilities and our obligations about your data.

Our service is used to designate our products: Jappix Desktop, Jappix Mobile, Jappix Mini, Jappix Me and all sub-features of them.

If you are coming for another Jappix public service which is not explicitely, please also take this document in consideration. You'll find some good rules to know in it.

1. Our terms

By using our service, you approve to the following terms. If you do not, please remove your account and all the content you shared and stop using our service.

1.1. Be responsible of your acts

You are legally responsible of everything you do on our service. This includes your messages to others, the chatrooms you create, the files you share.

Chat rooms owners are responsible of the ideas and the content their users share. This is their job to name moderators to keep control on what is done there.

We are not responsible of your commitments. Every legal problem concerning content you shared will be assigned to you and not Jappix, the owner of the service, nor DigitalOcean, our server provider.

1.2. Do not degradate others

Degradating someone by altering his identity or injuring him is illegal.

You, as an user, is the only responsible person of what you say on our platform, as well as others are responsible from their speeches.

1.3. Do not try to alter the service

Our service was designed to handle random but stable loads. Please do not try to alter it by trying to hack it, get into a security hole or launching a DDoS attack on it.

1.4. Do not post content you don't own

Please respect the copyright on the content you may want to post on our platform, coming from someone else.

You can post content that is your work, or licensed under a free license.

1.5. Do not post injurious, racist, pornographic, libelous, pedophile content

Such behavior is punished by French law. You, as a citizen, is responsible of what you say on the service.

1.6. Do not try to sell accounts

You are not allowed to take profits from our service, by selling user accounts for instance. Usage of our service must remain non-profit (it can be used in companies, but no money can be done via our service).

1.7. Do not try to hack accounts

Respect others, do not try to get their password.

1.8. Do not steal someone else's brand or name

When a brand does not belong to you, you're not allowed to use the same name for your username or chatroom name on our network. That's the same for people's identity. You're not allowed to take the identity of somebody else.

2. Your privacy

We feel responsible, as a communication service operator, of your data safety. We ensure that every communication you can have through our platform is secured and cannot be read by third parties.

2.1. We keep your data secure

Each bit of the data we store count. The server is located in a secured datacenter managed by DigitalOcean.

We use robust passwords for our services administration, so that you can feel safe. We've got local backups of the server stored on a secured drive. That's all.

2.2. We don't look at your messages

We don't have the willing - and we don't have technically the possibility - to read your messages.

If you still don't feel secure, you can use e2e (end to end) encryption betweek two XMPP clients that support it. Please note that depending of the country you're living in, you may not be allowed to use that strength cryptography. Please refer to your local law texts.

2.3. We don't look at your files

Tracking the content you share is not our goal. We won't have the time for that by the way!

The only persons who can look at these files you share are your friends or the visitors of your profile (if you enabled public sharing over Jappix Me). You control the spread of files.

2.4. Communications are encrypted

By default, all communications between any client to our server are encrypted.

Communications between our server and remote servers (e.g. to are also secured that way.

2.5. We don't sell your data to third parties

Our platform has no commercial activity except the BackLinks exchange. We do not require to sell your data (private or public) in that case.

Remember we will never sell your data to third parties.

2.6. We are crazy about privacy and communication safety

We love our users, we respect them and they are our strength. Why would we compromise them?

We do all our possible to protect your safety and privacy, outside any legal issue resolution.

3. Your rights

We want to ensure everyone's rights are fulfilled. That's why are fast on responding to legal-related problems.

3.1. Remove content concerning you

This includes your account, your public profile on Jappix Me and your files stored on our system.

You can also ask us to remove any content concerning you that is owned by another user on our platform.

3.2. Getting content concerning you

You can ask us to get a copy of all the content we store concerning you.

3.3. Getting data about other parties to resolve a legal issue

In order to resolve a legal issue between you and another user of the platform, you are allowed to ask us for the contact information of an user (this includes email address, phone number, postal address or IP address).

We won't share data concerning somebody to anyone, you will need to prove your identity before, and only request contact data or data which can prove something useful in the issue resolution.

4. Withdrawal

This documentation may be updated at least one time per year. As an user, you must stay up to date in this agreement, please follow updates of this document.

You own the right to retract yourself from our service if you do not allow to this document.

In this case, you will need to:

  1. Stop using the service
  2. Remove all your accounts on our service
  3. Remove all your data on our service

We should not publish an updated document that diverges from our vision, so that you should agree with the next revisions of this document.

Our terms

Users are responsible of the content they publish on our platform. Whatever it is by nature (message, file, profile).

Chatroom owners and moderators are legally responsible of what happens in their chat - publicly or privately.

Detailed terms...

Your privacy

We don't track our users with cookies and we do not collect data for commercial usage. What belong to you stays yours.

All your data can be removed at anytime from our system by removing your account.

More about privacy...

Your rights

If you noticed an illegal content posted by one of our user, which goes against the French law, please report it.

We always give our best to resolve legal problems, whatever it can be.

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